Getting Started

You’ve made the right choice!

Good for you on taking on something new and be sure to enjoy the process. Volleyball is a sport whose skills can be acquired through simply playing the game and some patience. It is a sport that only gets more exhilarating as you master it’s skills. Playing volleyball is a great way to stay physically active, socialize, and provides a healthy environment to compete. I have provided information from my coaching and personal experience to help you out.


Is your son or daughter interested in getting into volleyball? Does he/she want to prepare for high school or looking to improve their skills? Here is a list of some VOLLEYBALL CLUBS in Orange County that can help!

Graduated and looking to play some volleyball? Want to pick up the sport again after a long hiatus? Looking to get extra touches outside of practice and matches? Check out some OPEN GYMS in Orange County I have played at.

Looking to get out of the gym and play some sand? I recommend checking out PLAY BEACH for more information on youth leagues, adult leagues and the professionals!

Welcome to the volleyball community!