Setting is a vital skill all players should practice. Even though you may not be called a setter there may be moments where you will have to set to a hitter. The goal is to give the hitter an opportunity to attack the ball.

Here are some pointers to get you working on your setting skills.

Here are the skills every setter should be able to check off on their skill list.


On the net:
_____ Left, Right Footwork – transition
_____ Hand positioning
_____ Outside sets (4)
_____ High middle sets (2)
_____ Back sets (5)
_____ Back row sets (A, Pipe, D)
_____ Jump sets
_____ Standing dump
_____ Jump and dump
_____ Quicker tempo sets
_____ 1
_____ 3
_____ Back 1
_____ Shoot
_____ Back/Front Slide
_____ Red
_____ Lob/Hut
_____ Bic

Off the net:
_____ Footwork
_____ Run thrus
_____ Ball out of the net
_____ Consistent sets anyplace on court