Rotation Guidelines

Rules to Rotations

– There can only be 6 players on the court for each team at a time.
– When facing the net, players rotate in a clockwise position.
– When a player rotates from the right front position to the right back position the player must serve and is now a back row player.
– When a player’s opposite serves they are now a front row player.
– There are 3 postions when talking about rotations:
RIGHT sides are generally your setters and opposite hitters.
LEFT sides are generally your outside hitters and defensive specialists.
MIDDLES are generally your middle blockers, defensive specialists and liberos.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1) Who is Serving? Serving order: RIGHT-LEFT-MIDDLE.  Knowing the serving order will allow you to figure out what rotation your team is in.
2)  Where is your opposite? Identifying your opposite helps to know your position in rotation and whether you are front row or back row.
3) Who are you following and/or who is following you? This reinforces questions 1 & 2 to know serving order and positioning.

There are various types of rotations but I will present 3 of the most common ones. They are:

4-2 Rotations

6-2 Rotations

5-1 Rotations

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