As you become familiar with the basics and speed of the game you will need to find different ways of scoring points. Each player  needs to learn the tools that will make them more efficient and effective.

If you are a setter you can learn to dump or actually attack the ball when you are front row. Becoming an offensive threat yourself will open up your hitters and keep the defense on their toes.

Below is a diagram of a variety of sets as a setter you can utilitze:

Hitters need to learn hit a variety of shots. Hitting line, tipping, high off the hands are skills each hitter should add to their arsenal of attack.

Below are areas of attack we need to consider as a hitter:

Also look at the options a setter can set and think about how you can use those sets to terminate the ball and score points.

Defensive backrow players begin the offense with their pass. Understanding you are the foundation of the offense is a mindset that must be reinforced.

Serving can be your offensive specialty. Offense in volleyball is about taking teams out of system and scoring points. By being an aggressive server and hitting targets this takes opponents out of system giveing easier balls in transition so your team can run it’s offense.